Smart Bluetooth Control Magnetic LED Light 2 Strip


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LED retrofit kits is a long-lasting and money-saving solution that retrofit traditional 1×4, 2×2, 2×4 light fixtures. Kits offer high-efficiency 140-150lm/w, Eco-Friendly, and simple magnetic installation.

1. Input at AC100-277V.

2. 3000K,3500K,4000K,4500K,5000K CCT.

3. 150lm/w without cover or 140lm/w with cover.

4. The external driver from 9w to 72w.

5. Dimming optional.

6. Magnet adhesive, and installation hole on both ends.

Magnetic LED light strip Bluetooth APP Switch

Support iOS, Android phones.

Easily add and manage lamps and smart switches.

* Use APP to group lamps.

* Set lighting scenes.

* Manage timer tasks.

* Configure delay time of human motion sensor.

* Configure group linkage control.

* Manage lamps of different areas in one smartphone.

* Share control privilege among smartphones

* Assign different privileges to staff to manage lamps.

* Compatible with most Android phones


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